Building Partnerships

In today's uncertain economic environment, strategic alliances and partnerships enable businesses to regain a competitive advantage with sharing assets, technologies, capital and personnel.

Partnership is a voluntary, collaborative agreement between two or more parties in which a common purpose is created to share in the risks, responsibilities, resources and benefits.

The Nanaimo Port Authority is looking forward to presenting an exciting conference where we can explore our theme "Building Partnerships". The sheer size of ocean vessels that will be introduced into the maritime trade over the next few decades, and the infrastructure to accommodate these mammoth vessels, will necessitate the collaboration by the Canadian Port system together with other interrelated industries.



The maritime industry is challenged by global economies, trade, consumption, production, financing and technology that drive the demand and supply of manufactured goods, raw materials and shipping services.

Ports in Canada have been forced to seek their own solutions to tackle aging infrastructure. Over the last decade with an uncertain global economy the maritime industry has shown that they can be innovative in building partnerships, significantly benefitting our Canadian transportation system.

So over the next few days the focus of our conference will hopefully show how partnerships and strategic alliances can usher a new era of cooperation to our maritime industry within Canada.

Bernie A. Dumas, President and CEO – Nanaimo Port Authority


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